Disability as an opportunity.

Disability as an opportunity.

He has been disabled for years. First, his left forefoot had to be amputated because of circulatory difficulties in his left leg. After a lengthy hospital stay, he could walk again, at least with the help of crutches.

During his stay in the hospital, he was surveyed. Although he had no heart problems, he was recommended to have a pacemaker fitted. At first, he hesitated for a long time, but the hospital insisted on carrying out the operation. During this routine intervention, a so-called malpractice occurred. During the operation, veins were damaged, the blood no longer circulated correctly, and ten days later, his right forefoot was amputated.

Since then, he has been confined to a wheelchair. Special shoes were made to enable him to walk again. Unfortunately, these cannot be used because the wounds on both feet are not healing correctly. Again, the reason for this is the arteriosclerosis in both legs.

He soon realized he would stay immobile for the rest of his life. This caused a fundamental change in his lifestyle. He, who was used to traveling, and actively contributing to sports and society, must now spend most of his time in his tiny flat. He can no longer go alone on his beloved balcony with its spectacular outside view. Not only that, he only leaves his apartment for hospital treatments and physiotherapy sessions and once a week to shop and visit the restaurant in the same building where he lives. Sporadically, he attends reunions with former work colleagues about once or twice a year.

He always liked to write poems and compositions. Even before his disability, he wrote two books. The first one rescript's his, shortly before retirement, accomplished hike from Zurich to Geneva in twelve days. It was followed by the bizarre melodrama "Waiting for Gwendoline".

But now, being severely handicapped, he has time to work more intensively as a freelance author. He edited and compiled previously written material into a book entitled "Sparkling Storm." The existing poems were cleaned and corrected. He joined the Internet forum "Gedichts-Oase." There, he has published 50 of his poems so far.

When he chatted with his younger son, an IT Specialist, about his experiences in the early days of computers, he was encouraged to write them down.
So he wrote his first book about computers. The title is: "Mit dem Computer per DU". Two more computer books followed in German and two in English. The book "The OTHER Computer History" won an award in the competition of the Creative Aging Foundation. Then he revised the book of the hike, which was newly published with the title "Die Wanderung des älteren Herren". Then, a book on an entirely different topic was added. He describes his dramatic experiences as an employee representative on his employer's administrative committee (Title: Die Rentenkiller).

So much for the real 'facts',

Back to the title: Disability as an opportunity.
Without his disability, he would indeed not have written so much. Writing pushed aside the thinking and pondering about his fate. 'Thanks' to his disability, his life has developed in a highly positive direction.

Is everything in life a coincidence, or is it all predetermined?

“Coincidence is a veiled necessity.” (Maria von Ebener-Eschenbach).

For believers: “Coincidence is when God does not want to reveal himself.”.

By the way, about fate:

“God does not play dice,” (Albert Einstein).

For him, the lousy coincidence of a failed operation was the turning point to a different life.

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